EVENT:  "U.S. Provisional Authority"
        A musical performance, set in the year 2014
        after the aborted elections of 2004.
        Original music and spoken word by
        Bay Area singer/songwriter Laramie Crocker

     One final show:
      Friday, October 22, 8:00 PM
      (Doors open at 7:30)

    Trinity Chapel Concert Hall
    2320 Dana St., Between Bancroft and Durant Ave.
    Berkeley, CA

    Donations and CD proceeds to to A.C.T. - America Coming Together for
    "Get Out The Vote" efforts

Contact Information:
    Laramie Crocker


See the show that has inspired people in New York, California,
Nevada, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, Missouri, and Colorado.
Laramie Crocker's "U.S. Provisional Authority" is wickedly
funny, ominous, prescient, beautiful, and moving.  This is
your last chance to see the show before the election.

Patricia and Daniel Ellsberg call Laramie Crocker "The Musical
Michael Moore .... the Tom Lehrer of these times."

Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Laramie Crocker teams up with Bay Area
artists to bring an evening of music to his hometown of
Berkeley: world-class concert pianist/improvisator (and mother) Joy
Crocker, percussionist Randal Mitros, and bassist Michael Olivola.

The original songs are the center of the show.  Danceable,
beautiful, poignant, inspiring, and funny, you'll go home humming the
tunes.  Tunes like "Club Fed" (it's the place to hide when the world
thinks you're dead), and "Yes, Mr. Cheney", in which Dubya's White
House is cast as "The D.C. Hillbillies", and the whimsical "All My
WMDs" bring laughter to the belly.  Songs like "Cargo" in which a
fallen soldier describes "the long ride home", and "Bombing for
Peace" run straight to the heart. The show ends with the
inspiring "Big Green Lady", a love song to the Statue of Liberty, and
the defiant "I Want My Country Back".

The songs and lyrics can all be found on the website for the show: